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Tyler Daley, CEO/President of Daley Valet


Daley Valet was established in January 2022. Before creating this company, Tyler Daley worked for a valet company for 7 years. Throughout his time as a valet attendant, his passion for customer experience grew.


From there, Daley began to revolutionize the valet industry, focusing on making valet services a more welcoming and inviting experience for the customer. That dream became a reality when Daley Valet was born! 

Who We Serve

At Daley Valet, we pride ourselves on offering bespoke valet services tailored to various high-profile and sophisticated settings. We understand that each venue has its own unique needs and challenges, and our extensive experience across different industries allows us to provide a service that is both refined and highly efficient. Below are some of the specialized settings we excel in:


Your special day should be nothing short of perfect, and that includes the experience your guests have the moment they arrive. Our valet attendants set the tone with prompt, courteous service, ensuring that the first and last impressions of your unforgettable day are ones of ease and elegance.

Private Events

Whether it be a birthday, a corporate event, or a regular weekend dinner, our valet services will make any event professional and well-organized. All guests will receive a high-quality experience upon arrival and departure. First and last impressions are everything!


In the Worcester County Region of MA, diverse culinary landscape, standing out is more crucial than ever. The city boasts a rich array of dining establishments, from classic American grills to international gourmet experiences. If you're a restaurant owner in Worcester County, you know that your guests aren't just there for the food—they're there for a complete, immersive experience. That's where Daley Valet steps in.

Country Clubs

Exclusive environments require top-tier service. Our valets are trained to adhere to the high standards and etiquette of prestigious country clubs. From golf outings to gala dinners, we manage each event with the discretion and professionalism that your members expect.

Parking Garage Management

Efficiency and safety are paramount in parking garage operations. Our trained attendants excel in high-volume settings, ensuring quick vehicle retrieval and optimized use of parking space. We also offer cutting-edge technology solutions to streamline the parking process.


In healthcare settings, compassion and sensitivity are as important as efficiency. Our team is trained to provide patient-centered service, ensuring that patients and their families have one less thing to worry about during their hospital visit.


Casinos are bustling hubs of excitement and activity, and the guest experience begins in the parking lot. Daley Valet adds to the allure of high-stakes gaming with our immaculate, expedient service, allowing guests to transition from their cars to the casino floor effortlessly.

Ready To Elevate Your Event Experience With Unmatched Valet Service?

Daley Valet is committed to making your events extraordinary, down to the last detail. If you value top-tier service, professionalism, and making a lasting impression, click the button below to request a free consultation.

Let's make your next event unforgettable!

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